Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bibo [latin. v. drink, toast, thirst for, frequent, to quaff ]

What a nice intimate place for all of our friends to have a few bottles of wine last Saturday. It reminds me of the small bohemian bars you find throughout Europe. Bibo is situated across from Route 99 Diner and its so small you just might miss it.

Bibo has a capacity of 20 people so the night we went we literally packed the place. With a rotating wine list and a knowledgeable bartender I think its going to be one of my new favorite watering holes to frequent.

The only think that our group found frustrating was reading the hand written wine menu. The board was unbearable to try and read. So you were left in the hands of asking the bartender for a recommendation, just clarify your price point because you could end up with pretty expensive 6 oz glass.

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