Monday, March 21, 2011

Indian Indulgence at Narayanni's

Saturday night we planned a joint birthday venture at Narayanni's. Dave is a food supplier for them and knowing the high quality food they order, and after some business lunches there thought it would be a great place for us to celebrate at. The praise poured on for this Indian gem hidden south of whyte ave, when we mentioned it at our weekly wine class as well.

Narayanni's impressed me before I even saw the front door. Finding a place that can accommodate a party of sixteen people on a Saturday night in this city can be tough. Our table looked fantastic, sliders at everyones place sitting were a nice touch.

Once we were ready to hit the buffet the manager told us about some of the dishes that were on the buffet. Highlighting that the restaurant uses free range chicken, Alberta lamb, and organic vegetables when there available. After hitting the appetizer buffet and returning with lamb and potato pastries fresh roti arrived at the table. Next I had a bowl of pumpkin soup that had just the right amount of spice, followed with one of the best greek salads I have ever had. With loads of cheese and not to much dressing.

Finally I was ready for the circular buffet that the restaurant was centered around. Nice to see a page taken from Zaika's beautiful buffet concept. There were dishes that spoke to everyone, the spicy lamb was my favourite. Most the dishes had a lot of heat and you definitely need some yogurt to cool them down.

Desserts were simple, a few cakes and some fruit. Unfortunately I didn't get any mousse that a few other reviewers had mentioned. I was hoping to see mango or rice pudding but there wasn't any. After such a delicious meal though the dessert didn't really matter that much anyways.

Narayanni's was great even at 30 dollars a head. A few friends didn't know the price and they were more than satisfied paying it for the wonderful food we had enjoyed. It was a great place for a large group of people, plates were constantly cleared, and drinks never ran dry.

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