Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Perfection at Packrat Louie

When we arrived at Packrat Louie on Friday we could barely find a parking stall. So we knew it was busy, lucky for us we had a dinner reservation.

The room looked fantastic with high dealings and great decor in this historic Edmonton building. As we waited for the rest of our party to arrive our server greeted us promptly and offered us drinks. I enjoyed a 3oz grey goose martini and Laura inquired about a drink she had a year ago that was no longer on the menu. Our server remembered the drink and asked a few of the staff if they cold recall how to make it and sure enough they could.

After everyone was settled in we ordered a bottle of Angel's Share by Two Hands. There was a spectrum of appetizers to choose from I chose the bruschetta. It consisted of two types of bread and two fresh toppings. It would be a great for sharing between an entire table. Laura had prosciutto wrapped shrimp which she barely shared it was so good. Delicately cooked, nice presentation and a nice portion compared to most shrimp appetizers out there.

Moving on to mains I had the porkchop, Laura had the beef tenderloin. My porkchop was moist and came with some nice accompaniments, I would definitely get it again. Laura's beef tenderloin was cooked to perfection and was a nice sized portion but it was nothing spectacular. Everyone was happy with there mains, and enjoyed the fine touches like in house sauces and perfectly seasoned dishes.

There were a few desserts to choose from and I settled for a sticky toffee pudding while Laura had the chocolate torte. The sticky toffee was the best one i've ever had with earls coming in close second. Laura didn't care to much for her torte and was more focused on eating my sticky toffee.

Packrat has a great menu for everyone that's willing to dine at their price point. Give it a shot when your already on the ave so you don't have to deal with finding parking. I will try to be more detailed in my reviews in the future but sometimes I just dont have the time to blog right away and the details fade. Also I know everyone likes pictures and ill start throwing some up when I can discreetly take pictures of our meals. But its not always so easy to take pictures with out making a scene in a dimly lit restaurant.

The restaurant was originally a health center.

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