Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Monday at the Melting Pot

Melting Pot on Urbanspoon   This was not my first trip to The Melting Pot, it was probably my 7th or 8th. The Melting Pot is a great place if you want either a quick bite or a dining experience that will last an entire evening.  We had our reservation for 630 and our table was ready when we arrived.

  We ordered 2 bottles of some great tempranillo and had the swiss cheese for our 1st course. It's our favorite, a very classic fondue, lots of alcohol flavor so be prepared for that.  The cheese course is accompanied with bread and other dippers according to what you order.  Our salads followed, I had a caesar salad which has greatly improved since some new changes in their kitchen. It tasted a lot more garlicky and fresh, less like kraft caesar dressing.

  Something to know about The Melting Pot is unless you request a 2 burner table which is normally reserved for 4 or more, your limited to one so you will be only able to have one type of fondue at a time.  We never have a hard time forming consensus on a dish, but if your think it could be problematic request a 2 burner table.

  Entrees here come down to personal taste I had chicken, shrimp, and beef. We all shared the coq au vin cooking style.  The other cooking style is oil which is my favorite because you can batter your meats and fry them.  The entrees are accompanied with potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, and mushrooms. You can get as much as you want which is great. They have lots of different dips I enjoy the green goddess, you will have a chance to try them all.

  I am a big eater but typically after the main course I am pretty full and can barely get through dessert.  This is why sometimes we skip the entree and just have cheese and chocolate which are our two favorites.  We chose the snickers chocolate which was too sweet for me. I could only have a few bites but the rest of the table enjoyed it.  Next time we will get dark chocolate with chambord which is delicious.  There are lots of unique dippers for dessert and I will let you find out for yourself when you go.

  I see a lot of reveiews saying its to pricey or theres not enough food.  I am not sure how thats possible the meat portion is more than 9oz probably which is more than some of the largest steaks at some restaurants. You can also get more servings of vegetables than just one, so go ahead and get more.  In terms of value sure you can make it at home, but you will notice that high end cheese's and all the work go in to a great fondue isnt cheap or quick.

  Last of all I notice some people complain about the time service takes, if your in a rush let them know I am sure they can speed it up.  After being a server for years its not intentional that we didnt top up your water so just remind us we are not offended, its likely that we are more worried about getting your food ready or helping another table.  For most diners at The Melting Pot from what i've seen they love the long evening out of non stop food. If that's not for you stop in there lounge, try some cheese fondue have some wine.


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