Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sorrentino's Garlic Festival

  Last night we journeyed to the west-end of Edmonton to try out Sorrentino's garlic festival.  I was really looking forward to this dinner and it did not let me down.  When we arrived we were pretty hungry, they were roasting garlic in the ovens, and the aroma made our mouthes water even more.

  We opted to try some garlic beer that Alley Kat had been brewing for the festival, unfortunately its been so popular they sold out. So than we decided to try the Garlic Wine our server recommended we try a sampler before we ordered 2 glasses. We appreciated her recommendation, because one sip was enough for us to know that we aren't full blown garlic lovers quite yet.

  We ordered a fantastic Brunello that went well with all our dishes. They were having 25% off wine that night so it was a great deal.  Our table shared Calamari, Mussels, and a Garlic Festival Salad.
Calamari was terrific, lightly breaded, and not rubbery. It came with only the rings so if you like the pieces with legs maybe order another dish.  The salad was recommended by our server, it had a really fresh garlicky dressing unlike anything I had ever tasted.  The mussels were the tables' favorite. With lots of spicy italian sausage, and a garlic tomato sauce made with precision I only wish we had more bread after to soak it all up.

  Four our mains our table ordered the pork tenderloin, a few risottos, and a tortellini.  The risotto was exceptional. I love having a good risotto because it is such a delicate dish to make. There is always a fine line between being cooked too much or too little and creating a perfect balance in the dish. This dish hit all the points perfectly.  I got a chance to taste some of the pork tenderloin and it was good but I was happier with much risotto.  It looked fantastic on paper and on the plate but it lacked the depth of flavor I was hoping it would have.

  We were all stuffed and had to pass up dessert but we did get a Beautiful, which is an aperitif made from Courvosier and Grand Marnier which really rounded together a delicious meal.

I think Garlic Festival only lasts for the month of April so check it out.  I think I will do my best to get there one more time.

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