Saturday, May 7, 2011

Accent Lounge

  We went to Accent the other night and it was probably my 3rd of 4th time there. In previous expieriences I had only ever had drinks and a few bites of some appetizers. This evening we were there to eat and we wanted to try all there appetizers.

  I enjoy Accent, the service is always friendly, the music never too loud, and its got great imports on tap. This particular evening was live music night so when we found that out we spaced out our dishes so we could enjoy the music longer.

  First dish was hummous, if you can call it that. This bland bowl of chickpeas that we used a mortar to mash up ourselves was bland. There was no hint of olive oil, garlic, pepper, or anything that most forms of this dish have thrown in. I enjoy using the mortar its a great concept, but we found our selves squeezing as much lemon in to add any more flavour as we possibly could.

  Next up was bruschetta. You could definitely tell this was made in house with fresh ingredients. It was very traditional and Accent strives for that so its just like we had expected. If you want a unique take on bruschetta you must have Packrat Louie's by far the best I have had in the city

  Third dish was the one I was most looking forward to and most let down by, $22 for this dish I expected something amazing. Bacon wrapped lobster resting on a grilled baguette and drizzled (smothered) with a butter cream sauce.  The lobster tasted fresh and it was nicely wrapped with the bacon. We didn't enjoy the butter cream sauce though that completely cover each piece. We also found the recurring baguette that was in everyone one of our appetizers not so flattering with this particular dish.

  All said and done we will be back to Accent to enjoy some more live music and enjoy a few pints, but I suggest taking a pass on there appetizers and maybe try their european entrees.

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