Saturday, May 7, 2011

Devlin's Best Patio on Whyte Avenue

  Nothing beats Devlins' back patio on Whyte Avenue.  Lots of space for you friends to gather round and talk. Or maybe you want to sit in front of one of the two fireplaces and have an intimate date. With large heaters around the patio you won't be cold and forced to run inside as it cools down outside.  If you like people watching than head to Julios but if you want a great patio atmosphere look no further.

  I have been heading to this lounge for years and theres been lots of changes and different owners have each added their unique touches.  The food menu is always great and constantly changing with the influence of different chefs coming in and out each adding there own style.

  This evening we had a chicken sandwich and the rustic pizza. The rustic pizza wasnt up to par and I know they recently changed chefs and the new menu hasn't been rolled out so we kind of expected that. They took care of it for us which was a nice(they always respond great to criticism if things are upto standard).  I dont want to say to much about the food because I'm sure it will be changing soon so I just suggest you drop by and try them out.  Make sure you have some Chambly off the tap (taste like banana), or try a crown float ( Guinness on top of strong bow).  They also have great mojitos and at some point in the summer the have triple mason jar mojitos.

  Theres been a far bit or turn over and I will miss manager Hawk as he moves on to new things. Some of the great servers that have been there for the last few years have also left to work at other establishments.   Hopefully the new ones can fill the void that all the great staff have left behind.

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